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Designing Chips with CHIPS:

West Coast Pre-Silicon Summit

3 November 2023  |  San Diego, California

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Chih-Kong Ken Yang

C.K. Ken Yang, Ph.D.

Professor and Department Chair
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of California in Los Angeles

Chih-Kong Ken Yang graduated with B.S, M.S., and Ph.D. at Stanford University in 1992, 1992, and 1998 respectively. He is a faculty member of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at University of California in Los Angeles since January of 1999 as a Professor. He is currently the Chairman of the Department. His research interests are in improving the performance and efficiency of digital and mixed-signal circuits. Current research areas include the design of high-speed data and clock-recovery circuits for large VLSI systems, analog-to-digital conversion, efficient power generation and delivery for ICs, high-speed digital processing, low-power wireless interfaces, and system architectures to enhance computer networking. He is an IEEE Fellow and a Fellow of AAIA.