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Designing Chips with CHIPS:

West Coast Pre-Silicon Summit

3 November 2023  |  San Diego, California

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Dr. PR. "Chidi" Chidambaram

PR. “Chidi” Chidambaram, Ph.D.

Vice President of Engineering

PR. Chidi Chidambaram leads the process technology engineering team at Qualcomm as Vice President of Engineering and is recognized as Qualcomm Fellow. Qualcomm is a leader in the fabless industry — introducing leading-edge semiconductor technologies to manufacturing. Qualcomm was the first company to ship large volume products in 10 nm technology in 2017. In addition to the leading-edge CMOS technologies, Chidi’s team is also responsible for RF devices based on finfet and SOI transistors. Before joining Qualcomm, Chidi developed silicon technology at Texas Instruments and was instrumental in the first embedded SiGe implementation by the Semiconductor Industry. He is also recognized by IEEE as a fellow for his contribution to strain engineering and design technology co-optimization (DTCO). In his 20+ year semiconductor career, evenly distributed between research and development, Chidi has written and earned over 100 referred articles and patents each.