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Designing Chips with CHIPS:

West Coast Pre-Silicon Summit

3 November 2023  |  San Diego, California

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Tim Lee

Tim Lee

2024 IEEE-USA President-Elect
Boeing Technical Fellow

Timothy Lee is a Boeing Technical Fellow based in Southern California. He was recently elected to serve as IEEE-USA President in 2025. He leads the development of disruptive microelectronics technologies for advanced communications networks and sensor systems for airborne and space applications. His research interests include 3D Heterogenous Integration (3DHI) technologies for chiplet/wafer stacking of digital/analog/RF silicon/III-V devices for high-performance, and low-power microelectronics for aerospace and defense application. He is principal investigator for the transition of IRAD, CRAD and university Lab to Fab research into technologies for defense systems. During his over 40 years of experience, he has held technical/managerial positions at research facilities, aerospace companies, and semiconductor foundries. He has led development of hardware for satellite communications and has built phased-array antenna electronics for commercial and US government customers. Lee has authored over 30 journal and conference papers. He holds SMEE and SBEE degrees from MIT and a master’s degree in system engineering from University of Southern California.